Sunday, 1 September 2013

Iran: Camp Ashraf in Iraq, refugees attacked, handcuffed and shot in the head by Nori Al-Maliki Forces

Ashraf-Refugees-Killed-iraq-shot-in-the-head-by Maliki
Maryam Rajavi urged the United Nations and US government to take urgent action for protection of the residents by either transferring them all to the United States or settling the UN Blue Helmets in Camps Ashraf and Liberty in order to protect the residents.

Sunday’s  massacre in Ashraf, is a big crime against humanity and a war crime. Machine gunning unarmed and defenceless people while their hands are tied is a crime against humanity by all standards and silence vis-à-vis this crime is complicity in it.

Until Sunday 1 September afternoon at 17:00,  52 residents have been identified as killed in massacre in Ashraf. 

The Iraqi government is telling outrages lies to cover the ongoing massacre at Camp Ashraf. This is while the criminal Iraqi forces who continue to siege Camp Ashraf have not allowed any visit by United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMI) to Iraq and the United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) Representatives to visit the camp for the past 10 hours as the death toll in the camp has reached to 44.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the American Embassy in Baghdad, the European diplomats, journalists and human rights organization based in Iraq to immediately visit Camp Ashraf and witness the ongoing massacre of Camp Ashraf residents.
Source: National Council of Resistance of Iran

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