Friday, 1 January 2010


Peers and MPs from across the political spectrum have declared their solidarity with "the brave millions of Iranians" demanding regime change.

They did so in a statement issued by the cross-party British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom.

The committee also accused the British Government of a "shameful" policy of appeasement towards the mullahs and called for an end to trade and negotiations with the regime.

As unrest grows in Iran, the committee, chaired by Labour peer Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, told the protesters: "You have courageously protested for the basic rights to which you are entitled. The mullahs' regime has responded with deadly force and suppression, but it has failed to silence your call for an end to clerical rule.

"A majority of UK Parliamentarians condemn the callous murder and arbitrary arrest of young Iranians by the mullahs."

The statement goes on: "We applaud the brave people of Iran in their legitimate expressions of protest against the regime.

"The world has finally now heard the cry of the Iranian people, and we believe that the time has come for the West to end trade and negotiations with the mullahs and instead look to support the Iranian people."

The committee went on: "It is shameful that our government is pursuing a policy of appeasement and distancing itself from the main opposition movement at a time when millions of Iranians have taken to the streets chanting the opposition's slogans.

"This goes against our national interest and the UK's long-term ties with Iran. The UK must stand alongside the Iranian people and opposition."


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